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22" x8.5 Iroc Chrome Wheels Rims Sale

22 iroc chrome wheels sale 22 iroc chrome wheels sale

IROC replica Wheels available in 18” 20” 22” and 24” wheels. And All the IROC wheels are SALE.
They are available in All Iroc chrome Wheels and Iroc Machine Wheels.

- 1PC
- Rim size: 22x8.5" / 22 Inch Iroc Wheels
- Offset: +38mm
- Bolt Pattern Available: 5x120.7 and 5x115
- Finish : All chrome(Black with Machine Availalbe)
- Condition : Brand NEW in Box.

** Any questions, Please contact us.

** If you don't know your Bolt Pattern and Offset, Please select 22" Fitment Check.
We will contact you to verify fitment. 

* Check Bolt Pattern Here.

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$270.00 $256.00


22" Iroc wheels

We offer the most popular IROC chrome wheels and iroc Black Machine wheels available in size 18 inch, 20 inch, 22 inches was 24 inch IROC Rims. We Provide 18 iroc wheels to 26 inch IROC rims ready for free shipping through M2motorsportinc.com

These are some of the most popular rims in the current aftermarket industry and with such incredible demand for their quality and performance, it's no wonder that retailers across the country are selling out of these products quickly. It's often difficult to find these types of aftermarket wheels with free shipping as well. They have a defined and incredibly special look that can change the look of almost any performance vehicle.

Available in both Iroc black machine and chrome Wheels we can also offer some custom colors for IROC wheels measuring from 26 iroc rims down to 18 inches. The history of these aftermarket wheels are immense as they come from the iconic Chevy Camaro. The Iroc Camaro was built between 1967 up to 1992 and the wheels that were always available on these powerful muscle cars with the iconic IROC style performance RAM. We recommend 22 inch iroc rim on camaro. This pattern has become synonymous with power and Chevrolet continued to build cars with the same type of pattern including future Buick, Pontiac, Oldsmobile and Camaro models.

Whether you are restoring an older style Camaro or you are interested in getting this performance look for your new vehicle project, IROC style rims in black or chrome could represent the perfect look for your tires. As a very good reason why these rims have been chosen for performance vehicles over so many years. You can notice a difference not only in the look of your vehicle but the handling and performance by switching to these aftermarket wheels almost instantly.

Feel free to contact us today if you are interested in these IROC wheels for sale. Remember they come with free shipping and in sizes ranging from 18 to 26 inches. We have a special promotion on 20 inch iroc rims now.

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