Borghini Wheels

Authorized Borghini wheels Dealer. Low price, stock available in Borghini B18 wheels. Review borghini B24. This brand is a leader in Aftermarket wheels. Borghini wheel sale and discount price with Free shipping at the engineering and distribution of high performance aftermarket industry. Borghini wheels are discounted and affordable price at Borghini wheels available in 17 inch to 26 inch wheels. Contemporary design options and fitment diversity define the Borghini rims line.

Borghini B22 Wheels
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18" 20" Borghini B22 Wheels Chrome

Borghini Wheels

Borghini B15 Wheels 18",  20” wheels. Rim size: 18x7.5" & 20x7.5 Bolt Pattern:  4x100, 4x114, 5x110, 5x114, 5x120 Offset: 38 Offset Finis...

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from $278.00

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Borghini Wheels Review

This Wheels are high quality aftermarket wheels for cars, trucks and SUVs. We are authorized Borghini wheels. Borghini B15 fits mid size sedans and Borghini wheels B24 fit trucks and mini SUVs, comes with variouse bolt pattern and wheel sizes, and offsets. The impeccable craftsmanship and exquisite configuration of Wheels that makes one of prominent aftermarket wheels brands. Luxury outline design style and fitment differing qualities characterize the line of moderate extravagance wheels. M2 Motorsport offers almost wholesale price, high velocity adjusting, chrome valve stems included.


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