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Rohana wheels forged series available now. brace yourselves as we go full force! You will not want to miss the next evolution of Rohana Wheels as we feature our customizable 3 piece forged designs. The Rohana rims RF2 features a signature split 5-spoke arrangement that creates a clean and sleek appearance that is designed to complement your car, rather than take away from it. Click [Filters] to search by wheel models.

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Rohana rims RF  series is created using the latest in rotary forging technology making them both highly durable and extremely light, forming the perfect balance between style and performance. On sale rohana RC10 now. Rohana 3pc forged RFG3 Face: Satin BlackLip: Polished lollypop red | flat lipHardware: Gloss black  Rohana RC model: Rohana RC22, Rohana RC10, Rohana RC9, & Rohana RC7.

Rohana Wheels RFX11

The newest addition to the RF (Rotary Forged) Series. Rohana RFX model: Rohana RFX15, Rohana RFX13, Rohana RFX11, Rohana RFX10, Rohana RFX1, Rohana RFX7, Rohana RFX5, & Rohana RFX2. The Rohana RFX11 caught the attention of everyone who walked into SEMA show. With it's clean and sleek design, it complements any vehicle. The Rohana Wheels RFX11 features a signature split five-spoke design that captures a simple, yet bold look. Its tapered spokes and hollow center create a durable, yet lightweight, wheel built with performance in mind. Rohana RFX5 has three finishes this wheels comes in. The construction of this wheel, it's a rotary formed wheel which is lightweight and stronger in the process.
The RF Series wheels are the latest products that the line to be constructed rohana new rotary forming manufacturing prices. This technique employs 3 hydraulic rollers, with pressure and heat, to stretch the barrel of the wheel to the specified diameter. While the wheel spins,the rollers stretch and compress the alloy, enhancing overall structural rigidity and durability of the wheel. This procedure results in a wheel that is not only stronger, but lighter. It's a little bit nicer than a cast wheel, with that comes a little bit higher price point. Very unique design how it kind of forks out look and then dives towards the outside of the lip, kind of step lip in the back. It does have the aluminum caps with the rohana logo engraved into that, RF series. If you have bigger brake kits, and you're looking for aggressive offsets and you're really into the nice concavity look, you must check this wheel out. offsets available from mid to high offsets. Sizes available will be 19", 20" and 22" and the available finishes will be brushed titanium, gloss black and brushed bronze. Rohana RFX11 bolt pattern available: 5×112, 5×114.3, 5×115, & 5×120. Finishes brushed titanium, gloss black, brushed bronze. Shop now at
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