Velocity Wheels

Velocity Wheels have a higher quality wheels available in car and truck rims with chrome and black finish. Best selling velocity vw12 black machined. As you cruise into the future with your Velocity Wheel, you can rest assured of riding on the best-engineered and highest quality wheels available for your vehicle. This velocity rims motoring wheels made using revolutionary single piece monoblock concave wheels. Click [Filters] to search by wheel models.
Velocity VW865 Wheels
from $245.00

20" 22" Velocity VW865 Wheels Black Machined

velocity wheels

Velocity vw865 Wheels available in 20” 22" Wheels. Wheel size: 20x8.5" 20x9.5" 22x10.5" Offset: 13 & 35 Offset  Bolt Pattern: 5x114, 5x115, 5x...

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from $245.00

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For clients in Europe looking for TUV confirmation, the wheels are stamped on the again with the max burden rating. With this stamp on the again of the wheel, you have the capacity have this wheel endorsed for utilization on your vehicle under TÜV principles. You won't have any issues running this wheel because of strict TÜV regulation. With leading edge designs and state of the art manufacturing techniques, Velocity Wheel remains a dominant force in the custom wheel market. Look for new and exciting velocity wheels vw11 & velocity 820 rims styles to be added to the product line in the near future.

M2 Motorsport offers an extensive range of Velocity wheels that are sleek, sporty, and designed for performance driving. The Velocity rims are available as a set and can fit a variety of vehicles, from cars to trucks. The series includes both OEM and racing models to suit individual needs. M2 Motorsport's prices are competitive, and deals are available for those looking for an affordable yet reliable upgrade. The luxury appeal of these wheels makes them an expensive yet worthwhile investment for those looking to add a touch of class to their ride. Let M2 Motorsport help you choose the perfect Velocity wheels for your vehicle and take your driving experience to the next level.
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